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Dabarti Capture Pro

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Dabarti Capture is tool that helps with capturing high quality albedo and surface Normal maps using photometric stereo technique.


Public version of Dabarti Capture Tool is no longer developed or supported. 

The public version was created for our internal surface scanning needs at Dabarti Studio, but to get better results and perfect seamless tiling textures We had to redesign the approach even further. This required extensive research and recreation of the software itself, as well as building custom hardware that is strongly tied to the software. At this point it's not trivial to release this setup to public and We decided to focus on providing the highest quality scans as a service instead.

We don't have enough resources to maintain and support two versions of the software therefore the public version of that tool will no longer be maintained. Existing customers can still use their remaining activations, but the technical support will be discontinued. 

Dabarti Capture Software is command line tool that can calculate albedo, normal map and displacement textures from multiple photographs with varying lighting. Software is tested in production and works with most of the image file formats including RAW camera files.

Basic workflow tutorial is available: https://dabarti.com/vfx/dabarti-capture-basics-capturing-textures-using-mobile-phone/

Installation and licencing:

Start the installation and follow the instructions.

After installation you will need to activate your tool by entering the licence key that you've received after purchasing. You will be asked to enter the key first time you try to process any data set. Sample data sets are available in Gumroad download section.

Activation requires internet connection and after it's successful, there will be activation.lic file generated. Activation works only on that PC, you can back it up and reuse it in future. The licence is valid for single node/workstation only, but there is a limit of up to 3 automatic activations. There is no deactivation possible at this stage so use those in case of hardware change.


Update v0.9.14 (11th May 2020)


Improvement: When --flatradius property is specified only one flat normal is generated.

Update v0.9.13 (15st March 2019)

Improvement: Heavily optimized Normal and Albedo calculation.

Fixed: Improved Albedo when --noshadow is used.

Update v0.9.12 (21st February 2019)

Fixed: Depth generation differences between depth from file and depth from whole data set.

Improved: Small tweaks to depth generation. Should improve speed in some cases.

Update 0.9.11 ( 22nd November 2018 )

Fixed: Flat normals are generated after albedo is saved.

Update 0.9.10 ( 9th August 2018 )

New: Auto removal of low frequency details (flattening) from Normal Map. Enables easier map tiling. Multiple levels of flattening are generated.

New: Depth is generated from flattened normal map. This improves overall results.

New: Sub directory is created for each output resolution.

New: For static setups it's possible to create flat reference. This can be done by generating normal map from data set without an subject. Essentially capturing flat surface. Resulting normal map should be renamed to flat_reference.tif and placed in the same directory as data set. It will be used to correct resulting normal map.

New: Drag and drop tif will result in generating depth (displacement) from this file.

New: New samples included with installation.

Improved: Better Shadow detection, Albedo quality and Normal Generation.

Fixed: When using precalibrated light.txt file order of files was being mixed up in some instances.

Fixed: 8bit tifs are now supported.

Fixed: Gamma for Albedo was wrong with 16bit tif files.

Full change log is available with installation files. 

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Dabarti Capture Pro

24 ratings